Non-tax Resource Links

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  • – formerly Euro Asia Pacific Professionals International is an international referral service for independent accountants, auditors, businesses consultants and lawyers worldwide.
  • Google Translate – is a language translation site offering word, phrase, and entire web-page translation between many language-pair options.
  • Brazil Brand is a private company founded in 1998, that has evolved into a respected business advisor for Brazilian markets. Their mission is to help companies interested in entering the Brazilian markets or extending their presence in Brazil.
  • – is a sister site to (see below) and is also informative to expats.
  • – provides international health, life, travel and disability insurance for individual expatriates living abroad and their employers.
  • International Expatriate Consulting, Inc. – a California-based firm that specializes in creating programs and policies to support the transfer of personnel from one country to another.
  • Aetna International – a source for medical insurance coverage to US expats.
  • McWethy Pension Services – focuses exclusively on providing retirement plan services for employers ranging from high-tech to not-for-profit agencies.
  • -arries well-known American food products and caters mostly to Americans living abroad.
  • – is an online monthly publication published by an American expat in Lebanon. A good resource for the online expat.
  • Where Your Tax Dollars Go – A site that counts dollar cost of War in Iraq and eight other major US government programs. No judgments here, just information.