Services for Expats

While each professional services engagement is different, the following will give you an idea of the range of services provided through Global Tax Help.

Compliance – Preparation and Filing of Tax Returns
Using information provided by you, we prepare any United States and individual state tax returns you may be required to file – ranging from individual or business income tax to estate, trust and partnership returns.  We also work to identify any foreign jurisdiction reporting requirements you may face, and coordinate with that jurisdiction’s tax professionals, as needed, to assure that all requirements are met and you stay out of trouble.  Fees are based on time and complexity, with an estimate provided in advance.

Tax Audit Representation
Tax returns filed by US expatriates are selected for audit much more often than the average tax return.  And the higher the income, the higher the chance of getting audited.  If this happens to you, we at Global Tax Help stand ready to defend your interest in front of the IRS – first by telephone, then by writing, and – if necessary – in person at an IRS district office stateside or overseas.  We have an outstanding record in winning favorable outcomes for previous audit clients.  Fees are based on time and complexity, with an estimate provided in advance.

Power of Attorney Services
This service assures that if the IRS has a bone to pick with you, we at Global Tax Help are notified by them as well as you.  The advantage?  Often the IRS does not have a current address for you, or when they do, mail takes weeks to reach you.  The copy we get – within days of mailing –  assures that any problems the IRS may have with you comes to our attention before it becomes a huge problem. This service is offered only as part of the above services.

Tax, Estate, and Retirement Planning – especially for Expats
An ounce of prevention…  The key to avoiding tax over-payment and ensuring, ultimately, financial security– comes through planning!  Most of us fail to do a very good job of it — at the cost of very real money and time –and if an audit is triggered, hassle and additional expense.

We offer tax, estate and retirement planning – from an experienced, seasoned point-of-view.  To use an analogy, we don’t want our clients to be pioneers (with the arrows in their backs), but settlers.  In tax planning, this means using progressive, up-to-date strategies that have been court or IRS-approved, rather than using a recklessly aggressive approach which  provokes a challenge.  Fees are based on time and complexity, with an estimate provided in advance.