Communication Tools

Secure E-mail uses the “https” system for encryption invoked automatically by using entering the “Secure E-mail” page.  You may use this means to communicate confidentially with us.  Sometimes, scanned documents and other file formats prove difficult to send in encrypted fashion. If equipment or software compatibility at either your end or ours makes the use of secure means unworkable, then regular e-mail is used.

Secure Credit Card Transmission can be done via the credit card validation process, or by way of encrypted e-mail.  

FedEx, Airborne Express, Emery Worldwide, UPS, and DHL all provide overnight express services that serve Seattle, WA, and – between them – most every medium-size and larger city (as well as some amazingly remote locations)- around the globe.  Some of these firms also provide Saturday delivery in certain areas.   For those occasions when physical forms or documents are either necessary or more practical than any other means, these overnight express services are faster and more dependable than most countries’ postal systems.

Telephone and Fax can be used when needed.  The phone number at the office of Global Tax Help is 702-990-3556.  Our efax number is 206-299-3146.  We are on Pacific Standard Time.