What We Do — How We Do It

What services do you offer?

Please see Services for descriptions.

Use these services much as you would use the professional services of any CPA tax specialist – only using online technology, e-mail, overnight express, fax and phone or NetMeeting as needed, to bridge the geographical gap between the US and whereever you happen to be in the world. For standard tax preparation procedures, see Procedures. For more detail on use of online and related state-of-the-art tools, see Tools.

Based on your description of the problem or question (see Info Request), and any ensuing e-mail or direct discussion to clarify the issues, a fee will be quoted for your consideration.

All professional services are rendered only on the basis of a written and (electronically) signed agreement between our firm and yourself. A retainer fee, representing an agreed-upon portion of the estimated fee will be paid at the start of each engagement.

Retainers and all other payments for services are made via credit card over the web via secure or non- secure methods. Often security payment software proves incompatible between sender and receiver, hence the unsecured means is provided as an option.  Please see our Communication Tools page for a list of options.

How do you charge for these services?

The fees involved in addressing any tax problem or question you may face are based on either a time basis or – for filing of tax returns – on the complexity of the return involved. You will receive a quote of estimated cost for services after the problem or issue has been clarified. Fees for tax return preparation are set on a per-form basis per the Fee schedule page.

You will never be charged a fee that you have not agreed to – via your “electronic” signature upon engaging our services – in advance.

Do I really need your services?

Quite possibly, no. To help you determine this on your own, we have provided and extensive list of self-help links. These links provide a wealth of tax information, include IRS tax code, publications, and forms, tax treaties, and related topics.

It all comes down to your judgment as to how simple or complex the tax issue facing you is, and how many dollars are at stake. After you search our site, and the related tax-information links, our firm will help you determine if the DIY approach makes sense, or if retaining professional services is the saner, and safer path.

Is our professional service worth it? Does it provide value, does it take care of an aggravating problem for you – completely?

GlobalTaxHelp.com Mission

This web page was started in 1997 as the online international tax consulting arm of the professional accounting services firm of Donald Walter, CPA, based in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Founded in 1991, the small, specialized firm has focused on providing international income and estate tax expertise to U.S citizens, estates and small businesses, and to resident and non-resident aliens with U.S. tax exposure.

GlobalTaxHelp.Com started operations in 1998 to provide this same high quality expertise to clients worldwide regardless of how far away you may be from face-to-face assistance.

Tax issues become MUCH more complex when you live and/or work or do business offshore, yet you still should not have to pay any more than your legal obligation – taking full advantage of any existing foreign tax or expense credits or deductions. Our goal is to largely relieve you of having to weave through this complex maze of tax credits, deductions – and traps – on your own. Expert, personalized, tax help is only an e-mail away!