What Our Clients Say

Here’s what our Clients have to say about GlobalTaxHelp.com:

“I live in France and I needed some help with US Tax returns for 1997 and 1998.  I saw the advertisement for GlobalTaxHelp.com in the International Herald Tribune. I contacted Don Walter by email and asked him if he could help me.  I had been paying taxes in 3 different countries over a period of 2 years and I was worried that I owed the IRS some back taxes.

Don spent time on the telephone and email with me and walked me through the process.  Each step of the way he documented by email what the next action was for each of us.  This acted as a reminder to me which was quite helpful.   Don is a clear and concise communicator and he carried out the work in a very professional manner.  If I needed to sign a hard copy of a document, it would arrive within a couple of days by FedEx.

Finally, I am pleased to say that the tax rebate I received because of the ‘Foreign Earned Income allowance’ from the IRS covered Don Walter’s charges quite easily.”

Neal Roche, Versailles, FRANCE
e-mail: Neal_Roche AT NetcomSystems DOT com


“We have been tax preparation clients of Donald Walter since 1994, and have been extremely satisfied with his service.  Working with Don has been easy and enjoyable.  He always has performed his services with professionalism and efficiency, showing a clear grasp of all the varied tax situations we have brought to the table.  We recommend Donald Walter without hesitation.”

Christopher Troth & Mary Jerome
Seattle, WA  USA


“It is a great pleasure to recommend the services of Don Walter, CPA. He was literally a life-saver” for me in untangling several years of tax filings. My situation was more complex than usual, as I’d been overseas and the IRS had assessed tens of thousands of dollars in penalties and taxes. Mr. Walter’s work was fast, professional, and almost effortless on my part. His quick work and diligence not only saved me thousands of dollars, but I actually received tax refunds for overpayment for all of the years he filed for me.

I was introduced to Mr. Walter when I was still overseas in Asia, and we corresponded via email, telephone and regular mail through the entire process. Despite my initial concerns, the process worked incredibly smoothly. Mr. Walter is very “user-friendly” – he made the entire process seem so simple and matter of fact. He is a true professional – in his dealings with his clients and his expertise in his work.  It is a pleasure to recommend him to anyone seeking professional tax services.”

Anton Schneider, Washington, DC (formerly of Jakarta, INDONESIA)


“We are writing to confirm that Donald B Walter acted for us in respect of US tax matters and confirm that we found him to be professional and thorough in the manner in which he dealt with our affairs.  We have no hesitation in recommending him.  Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need further information.”

Mr. A Sharma,F.C.A.
Andrew Sharma & Co.
Chartered Accountants
Wembley Point, 1 Harrow Road
Wembley, Middx,

TEL: 44 208 900 9456
FAX: 44 208 900 9455
e-mail:  andy AT andrewsharma DOT com


“Donald Walter has prepared taxes for my wife and me in years in which we moved coast-to-coast, changed jobs, got married, bought and renovated a house, and performed a number of other financial high-wire acts. Donald not only helped us keep our balance, but provided sound advice on how to avoid tax pitfalls in the future.”

Eric Perret, Seattle, WA  USA
e-mail:  ericperret AT hotmail DOT com


“Don Walter CPA has taken care of my taxes for the past 3 years.  This included my European tax issues as well as my USA  ones.  He knows the international tax implications better than anyone I have used in the past.  He is a good and clear communicator and has succeeded in saving me money I would not otherwise have known about.   When he gives you a timeframe on completing taxes, he keeps to it.”

Dan Garrahy, Seattle, WA  USA
e-mail:  DanG AT Transgrp DOT com


“Don has been my trusted accountant for over 2 years. He is highly skilled and knowledgeable about the latest tax laws that impact me as a home-based business owner as well as an individual taxpayer.  In a number of cases, my taxes were complex because of multiple state residences, business dealings, and purchase/sale of real estate. Don has always completed my taxes on time and provided me the maximum shelter from taxes allowed by law. I can always count on Don to be completely thorough and ethical when it comes to preparing my taxes.  I would recommend him to others without any hesitation.  Please feel free to contact me at my e-mail address below.”

Joyce Mendoza, South Portland, MAINE,  USA
e-mail:  jmendoza AT sunlink DOT net


“I have known Don Walter for more than fifteen years. Our paths crossed when he was engaged by the State of Washington to develop a state/private sponsored export finance assistance program. That program is still in place. Don went on get his CPA certification. He has handled all my tax  needs since. Don is a true professional with a broad knowledge of the US tax requirements related to business and US citizens living overseas.   If you need help of information on your oversees activity, I strongly recommend that you contact him”.

Don Jackson, Seattle, WA  USA
e-mail:  dj0record AT aol DOT com


“For several years, in my capacity as general partner of a large investment partnership (now liquidated), I retained Mr. Walter to handle all federal tax compliance and reporting matters for that partnership.  With multiple partners and with investments in many enterprises, these returns were quite complex and detailed.  My working relationship with Mr. Walter was quite positive over the six year life of the partnership and I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Walter for any tax engagement requiring thoroughness, depth of knowledge and attention to detail.”

Mr. I. Volent, Santa Fe, NM  USA
TEL: 01-505-984-2743


“We have been very pleased with working with you from long distance, just as we were when we lived in Seattle.  Your work has always been effective, reliable, and prompt, and you have been very flexible working with our schedules, even when you are in the middle of the yearly tax crunch.   We have also been impressed with how you have effectively grasped state tax issues, and I am sure this would be the case with overseas issues as well.  We are glad to have continued working with you.”

T. Keith Blackwell, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Pathology
Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA  USA


“I have had Mr. Donald Walter prepare my overseas United States IRS returns for the past two years while I have been working in Hong Kong.  I plan to do so again this year.   His work has been accurate and timely.  Communication has been no problem using either fax or e-mail.  Given the complexity of both US and Hong Kong taxes, it has been well worthwhile having Mr. Walter prepare my US returns.”

H. T. Enger, Hong Kong, CHINA
e-mail:  trygveenger AT email DOT msn DOT com