Firm History

Founded in 1991 by Donald Walter, the firm was a solo practice until 2006 when Ebon Ameen was hired as the Senior Tax Manager. Working together for a decade, the practice flourished. Then, in 2015, Don decided that it was time to ‘pass the baton,’ and sold the business to Ebon. The firm was merged into Ebon’s existing practice, Rainier Merchant Services, LLC. Which is the legal entity for ‘GTH’. The firm continued in the same Seattle location it had occupied for 20 years until January 2019, when Ebon, and the business relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada, where real estate was more affordable.  In addition to affordability, Las Vegas also provided an opportunity to meet more of the expat clients due to it being a hub for both business and pleasure events. 43 million people visit each year and the new office is just five minutes from The Strip, making it easy for existing clients, and potential clients, who are in town, to meet with Ebon face-to-face.

Ebon has 24 years of tax experience, with 13 of those years focused on expat tax.  In addition, prior to relocating to Seattle in 2005, he lived and worked in the Bay Area with an accounting career focused primarily on tech companies and non-profits.  He is a graduate of the University of Oregon (class of ’94), with a Bachelors of Science in Accounting, and grew up in Eugene, Oregon.  Linkedin Profile

CPA Licenses:

Ebon Ameen is licensed (#26733) as a CPA by the Washington State Board of Accountancy. He is also a member of the Washington State CPA Society.

He is also licensed (#CPA-6268R) as a CPA by the Nevada State Board of Accountancy.